Matt is a speaker in the GTA and has given talks on Ethics, Values, Success and Failure in Entrepreneurship (both as a Chef and a Technologist) as well as been a contributor to panel discussions on Ethics, Law and Design in the world of Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Matt is currently VP of Engineering at Mileout.com, a product incubation firm, founded by Normative Design, one of the top software design firms in the world. In Matt’s current role he is focused on Natural Language Processing, Blockchain technology and Machine Intelligence. He has spent over 20 years in the software and technology field in many capacities.

Matt is also been a well known chef in the Toronto food scene, having won accolades for his pop-up dinner series “Secret Pickle” and rave reviews and press for Bero restaurant in Leslieville, where he was the executive chef. Matt has been interviewed multiple times on CBC, CHFI and been written about in multiple Toronto area publications including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Grid, The National Post and the Post City.

In his spare time, Matt has appeared as a guest violinist with Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Budowitz and plays Jazz Guitar. He is fascinated with Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and cooking. He currently resides in Toronto Ontario with his wife and son.

Cover photo by Simon Colyer.