Hi, I’m Matt.

I like speaking about people and technology.

If you need a speaker to connect with your audience, that’s me. I speak about entrepreneurship, technology & ethics, goal setting, or sometimes cooking. My goal is to understand your audience and craft my talks to them. They should leave having learned something and feeling better than when the talk started. I love doing it.

If I can’t make an impactful talk on a given topic, I just won’t do it. And maybe I know someone who can.


I love working with teams to build useful products with software and data.

My skills are broad-based, having had the opportunity to work on many different types of software (and hardware) over the years. I love helping people get their projects and products to market fast AND nice.


I have worked in the field of software and technology for 20 years, with a break to work in the high end food and wine industry. These days I oversee 14 teams in their use of technology and process.


I spend a lot of time working with OKRs, which help companies move fast in ways they never thought possible.

If you want to know more about making moonshots with your team, I have a good reading list on OKRs here.